The seven most dangerous mistakes concerning man’s hairstyle

man’s hairstyle
Only a few years ago, men went to the usual hairdressing salons and didn’t use any hair styling products. But nowadays the situation has changed. Men visit fashionable salons and occasionally they look even cooler than their girlfriends do. So most of the men wonder about how to impress a girl with a new and stylish haircut. Young men are likely to have a desire for taking care of their hairstyle. Such personal traits as individuality, wish to demonstrate their uniqueness, pursuit of impressing girls and talking to women arises in a young age. Ultimately, a young guy has a number of reasons for spending his time on maintaining of his stylish hair.  There are a great number of man’s hairstyle, which are liked by girls. However, while choosing a proper hairstyle you can face different dangers and make lots of mistakes. Even the most stylish guy can have a problem with flirting games if he has a bad hairstyle.   man’s hairstyleThis article is aimed at helping you to avoid making mistakes concerning your hairstyle. It will contribute to choosing a right and nice hairstyle for men who seek to leave a good impression.    There are seven most common mistakes in a man’s hairstyle, which almost every boy makes:
  1. The seventh and terrible mistake is to use too much hair styling products.
Let me tell you a secret. Girls dislike those boys who look as if they spent a couple of hours in front of the mirror styling their hair. When you use too much hair gel or wax, your hair looks unnatural. It seems to be greasy and heavy. In this way, you would look like old-fashioned guy and will cause an irony from surrounding people, and then you can say goodbye to opportunity of how to get a girl because you are unlikely to attract any attention of modern girls. Although if you dream about being liked by mature women, it would work out for you. Especially if you dream about hitting on your 50-year-old woman from the next door.       The main rule is that your hair has to look clean, light and natural, like it would be easy to pass fingers through it. It has to have well-groomed appearance. Remember this forever: you have to look fresh and neat as if you just left your hairstylist.    
  1. man’s hairstyleThe sixth huge mistake is to apply hair styling products to dry hair. Remember: you should apply hair styling products before you start blow-drying your hair. In this case, your hair looks more natural and nice. If you apply hair wax or gel after drying your hair, your hair becomes much heavier and generally is rather sticky.
  2. The fifth mistake is to get your hair dyed. Thank God, that dyed hair has gone out of fashion. Of course, sometimes you can meet guys, who have locks or tips of their hair colored and that really suits them. However, their hair, in any case, looks so much attractive that whatever they do with their hair, it appears beautiful anyway. But for the rest of us, it is much safer to be with our natural hair color. In this case, you will nearly always look much better. If you have red, brown, black or blond hair color, you are already pretty boy by nature. Now only one thing left to do is to get your hair done properly so that it can look great. Even if you have grey hair, there is nothing wrong with that. Some of the attractive women consider grey-haired men as their secret passion.
Remember: hair pigmentation and coloration in weird colors, especially hair lightening are not fashionable. In addition, that is unsexy. 
  1. The fourth mistake is to ignore your receding hairline. Most often than not, a baldness starts with the situation when hair of the forehead becomes thinner and subsequently begins falling out and receding hairlines start arising. If you have a receding hairline, you should take it seriously. There are several ways you can do this:man’s hairstyle
  • You can shave off your hair, especially if a baldness is becoming increasingly clear. You can really benefit from this radical option. Firstly, it is very comfortable and, secondly, it is rather sexually. This way can help you to solve an issue of how to flirt with a girl. A lot of girls are obsessed with falling In love with shaved off man. You will be able to make girls go crazy off easily.  However, this method has a disadvantage. You have to pay attention constantly so that your baldness would be clean-shaven.
  • You can let your hair grow to average length and then you can add volume to your hair, or alternatively, you can make a creative chaos with your hair. Look at Jude Low. He has receding hairlines. However, he chooses his hairstyle skilfully so that his receding hairlines are not eye-catching and don’t attract attention.
In the case of baldness, the most unfortunate mistake is to try to disguise it, brushing and smoothing hair back. Actually, these actions only emphasize the problem. Growing too long hair is not way to go also. Often men go further using a gel, which glues hair together and even more exposes the baldness. Remember: Grow your hair up to average length and comb back it so that you wouldn’t emphasize a hairline.   Men are growing concerned when their hair falls out and receding hairlines appear. Nevertheless, it can be hidden with a correct hairstyle. And don’t forget to use a hairdryer. Of course, it will take some time, but it would help you to hide receding hairline.                                                                                     
  1. The third common mistake is to have the same ordinary hairstyle for years. Lots of guys don’t want to change their hairstyle. The thing is that, it can be not exactly ordinary, it is likely to be out of fashion or unstylish. Sometimes that happens because we are too lazy to try something new or we feel comfortable enough with that hairstyle. It can be recommended to try certain modern hairstyles:
  • Side Part. This is a perpetual hairstyle that is still relevant
  • Fade and Undercut are cool enough. They look super-hot and attract girls into your life.
man’s hairstyleJust choose that hairstyle which you are cool and attractive with.  
  1. The second most common mistake is the imitation of celebrities. Of course, having seen somebody’s cool hairstyle, you want to have the same. And when you visit your hairstylist next time, you bring a picture of that person and ask to do the same. However, this may surprise you, but this hairstyle is far more likely would not suit you and would not look as great as that person does. Therefore, the best way is to determine the most appropriate haircut before you go to the beauty salon. There are a lot of the information on the Internet web sites that can help you to make up your mind concerning the issue of the most suitable hairstyle. Watch video and read articles on such topics as “How to choose the best haircut that matches the shape of your face?” So you can find out for sure which hairstyle is right for you. You can as well consult with a stylist about this issue.
  2. And finally, the leader of our survey and the mistake number one is to rely on a barbershop. The guys who idolize barbershops are still frequent in the world. They come there and feel sure that the most appropriate hairstyle would be done them. Also they believe that they would have their haircut in a cool way in a barbershop. As a result, a great number of guys come to the beauty salon requesting so as to be matched a proper hairstyle with their face and usually they complain about having wasted a great deal of money in a barbershop without desired result.
Please, remember that you should rely only on yourself. You are the one who will have that hairstyle! You are the one who will meet beautiful girls and flirt with them! You should know better what fits you and what does not. man’s hairstyleTherefore, read articles carefully and watch video covering this topic so that you can be aware of how to choose the best hairstyle and how to look after your hair in the best way. Then you would not leave your hard-earned money in barbershops and would not face a problem of having ugly haircut over a period of three weeks. Just come to the beauty salon, which has a good reputation, as soon as you can. In the beauty salon,  a stylist-professional will recommend you the best haircut fitting to your face. Usually this service is free. Also there you will be recommended which the best hair styling product you can use to take care of your hair. There you will be consulted about all the issues you have concerning peculiarities of your hair. Remember: You do not have to change your image on your own. An experienced hairdresser will take into account your style, head and face shape as well as he or she will help you to avoid doing unfortunate mistakes and contribute to creation of good image.  Try to visit only the same hairdresser, who knows how to cut you. Do not be afraid to ask questions your stylist or hairdresser. You can consult even with your girlfriend. By the way, she knows of hair care much more than you think.