How to text with a girl

If you wonder about how to attract a girl via the Internet and how to text with a nice girl, this article is for you. text with a girlGirls are tired of numerous hackneyed messages that are hardly different from each other, but sometimes it’s really not that easy to think up something catching and not usual. The lines that you send to a girl must first of all stir up her interest; they are to arouse her desire to keep texting with you to subsequently meet in real life. So, if you’re eager to learn how to get a girl to like you by sending her cheesy pick up lines, check out these five flirting tips on talking to women via the Internet.
  1. Initiate the conversation originally
It’s okay to say “Hello”, “How do you do?” and so forth in real life, but keep in mind that a girl receives numerous messages of this kind online, and it’s extremely boring to read the same from every admirer. These lines definitely won’t impress the girls you write to. What can you do instead is to write a couple of comments for her post or photo, for example, some funny pick up lines (not openly pick up, of course). After a little dialogue in comments, you can start writing private messages to her. It looks naturally, and girls like it. If you still write some commonplace lines like “How are you doing?”, “Let’s make acquaintance” and so on, get ready that a girl just won’t answer them. Besides, it’s quite silly to suggest making the “acquaintance”, because the information on the name and so forth is available on the personal page. What do you expect her to answer? “Hello, my name is Lena?” So think twice before writing a message to a lady you fancy; moreover, there is a great deal of time for this, unlike the situations in real life. Forget about the usual, conventional phrases that you use when meeting a girl in the street or at some party – they won’t do.  
  1. text with a girl Don’t pester a girl with your questions
This mistake that usually fairly enrages girls in real life is also quite common on the web. You yourself don’t like it when a girl starts bombarding you with questions, do you? So what’s the good of doing the same? No person ever likes the idea of being asked a lot of questions about anything – it’s really boring. Besides, ladies prefer you to “dominate” in conversation (like in anything else, though), and asking them plenty of questions, you sort of make them lead the way, which is certainly not desirable.  
  1. Write to many girls at once
Here we pursue two goals: first, the probability of someone answering you is much higher; secondly, you don’t worry about those who are not responding. This is the great merit of social networks – you may write a great many lines to different girls, and some of them are bound to answer you. So if you have a good mind to make the acquaintance with a girl on the web, don’t stop. Some may refuse, some will consent, some will be happy to have your message. Writing to more than one or two ladies is certain to enhance your chances to meet some attractive girls who will have a desire to communicate with you.   text with a girl
  1. Write correctly
Mind your spelling while writing a message to a girl. If you’re constantly making mistakes – spelling, punctuation, and grammatical – you’ll make an impression of illiterate and not too clever fellow, especially if a girl is educated. She just won’t have a desire to text with you as too many mistakes in messages utterly spoil the effect of a message, even if it’s the best pick up lines ever. So if you’re not good at spelling, among the steps to get a girlfriend on the web is to learn to write correctly. At least, you can install some special software to correct your mistakes. The thing is that when you’re already acquainted with a girl for some time and she likes you, incorrect spelling might be of no importance. But when you’re only trying to become acquainted, this undoubtedly won’t stand you in good stead.   text with a girl
  1. Suggest meeting in real life
  • Some lads are inclined to take their time and not to rush things. But that’s not the best variant.
Try to invite her somewhere as soon as possible; this will make you different from other guys. You can write something like “You’re so cute, I guess it would be nice to take you out. What do you think about it?” Or “I say, you’re a nice girl… Let’s have a walk sometime.” So don’t hesitate to meet her and have something like a date. The overwhelming majority of guys who write to her can text with her for hours, but you won’t waste time communicating with her via the Internet and will insist on taking her out. It will testify to your maturity and confidence, and these are the qualities that women like best (apart from good sense of humor).
  • There is one more variant, which is perhaps simpler. In looking through her personal page, you can learn about her hobbies and interests. Ask her about what she is fond of; maybe, she likes a disco, or museums, or picture galleries, or theater; she might like just walking in the park or something of the kind. Then, allegedly by accident, say that it’s exactly what you’re planning to do this weekend and she may as well join you if she doesn’t mind. It’s a very useful thing to do for the girl to have a strong desire for spending time with you. If it’s what she likes best, she’ll be eager to have a date with you (though she doesn’t know that it’s a date so far).
That was the five simplest yet immensely useful tips on texting with a girl on the web. So, what have we learned about?
  • First, don’t write hackneyed, commonplace messages that are the same as phrases in making the acquaintance with a girl in real life. Here belong lines such as “Hello”, “How do you do?”, “How are you doing?”, “Let’s make the acquaintance” and so on. There ought to be certain originality in what you write if you want to stir up the girl’s interest. If not, she may not answer you at all.

text with a girlAvoid bombarding a girl with multiple questions. It’ll bore her, and she is unlikely to want to repeat her texting with you.

  • Take care to write to a number of girls, the more the better. Then you’ll have a high chance to meet a girl you’ll take a fancy to. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the fact that some girl will not answer you – if it will happen, you’ll have many other girls who have responded you and are eager to have a talk or something more!
  • Carefully check your messages for spelling, punctuation, or grammatical mistakes (or misprints) – lines full of mistakes will certainly not make a good impression on a girl, especially if she is highly educated. If you are not capable of writing correctly, use special programs that will point at your mistakes.
  • And last but not least, carefully look through her personal page and try to find out what she likes to do, what her hobbies and interests are. You can also ask her about it, but it would be even better if you learn about it without asking her. Then invite her to some place she likes being at, for example, to a disco or a concert, a museum or a gallery. It will help you establish contact with her; moreover, she will accept the invitation far more eagerly if it is something that she is fond of.
  • The main rule is to be yourself, have good sense of humor, originality, and not to write a thousand messages that resemble each other in such a way that it’s sometimes difficult to understand if there are any difference between them at all.

When you manage to have a date with her, take care to look your best – wear stylish clothes, be clean and neat, show that you’re a gallant and quite a mature guy. Don’t brag about anything, but show her your confidence and bravery. Keep in mind that girls have a dislike for timid and indecisive guys. Don’t look sluggish or pessimistic – on the contrary, you must make an impression of an extremely energetic and positive guy. Looking cold and indifferent will make her feel the same way. Don’t let her get bored, exercise your good sense of humor and try to interest her. Remember that it’s never advisable to treat her like a goddess – you ought to be considerate and polite, of course, but not henpecked. If you pay too much attention to her, the whole impression will be spoiled, and you’ll leave her cold.