3 Simple Rules about How to Stop Being Just a Friend and Become a Lover

“Let’s remain friends.” Got tired of this phrase? You like a girl, you are eager to date her and have passionate sex with her, but she looks upon you as just a friend? That’s terrible, stop being just a friend. If a girl considers you no more than a mere friend, then you’ve already made several wrong steps in associating with her, which has led to the fact that you don’t appeal to her.

stop being just a friendA great number of guys say “I want a girlfriend” but don’t know how to flirt with a girl and how to get a date. Eventually, they get friend-zoned to the girls they like. The thing is that if you want a girl to take a fancy to you, you have to know the peculiarities of women’s nature. Understanding women is immensely important in seducing a girl or making her your girlfriend. Apart from this, you are undoubtedly supposed to work on yourself to become a better version of yourself. Being very fragile creatures, girls are fond of confident and strong men, who are capable of protecting his beloved and making her feel safe. Appearance is also of great importance, so a man must work not only on his personal qualities but on his looks as well. Among the most significant qualities to appeal to girls, there is one that is also very useful in getting a woman to like you – your sense of humor. It is known that girls are fond of amusing and energetic men, they hate to get bored, so if your sense of humor is okay and you don’t find it difficult to entertain a girl, it’ll be much easier for you to enchant any girl. You can give your girl a lot of gifts and flowers, you can write her manifold funny pick up lines, even the best pick up lines ever, but if you lack confidence and bravery, if your sense of humor is quite poor, and your looks are not good enough, then you’ll most likely to remain in the friend zone, and your ladylove will find some other lover.

So, if you have a good mind to stop being merely a friend to a girl you are crazy about, check out this three tips that will help you to leave the hateful friend zone and become a successful man who gets what he wants. stop being just a friend
  1. Start to pay attention to other girls
Strange as it sounds, in order for your ladylove to take notice of you, start to take notice of other girls. And do this in such a way that she can see it or hear about it from other people. It would be wonderful if you made acquaintance with several beautiful girls. Make them like you or fall in love with you. First, it’ll boost your self-esteem and add confidence to you. Secondly, it’ll help take your mind off the girl who regards you as only a friend. You’ll focus on the new achievements and cease to pester her with your preposterous attempts to appeal to her. Secondly, if your beloved sees a few photos of you and some other girls, it may reverse the attitude of the girl to you. The truth is that girls are fairly complicated creatures – they often don’t know themselves who they like. It often happens that if this or that guy appeals to other pretty girls, then there’s something about him, and they begin to feel attachment to that guy at once. Keep in mind that while you’re lonely and mutely dream of your beloved and don’t implement any actions, she is unlikely to suddenly fall for you. As soon as you start to pay less attention to a lady, she’ll herself come to pay attention to you. When a lad ceases to write to a girl, she starts wondering about why he stopped to make approaches to her. As a result, she begins to yearn for his attention and try to regain it. stop being just a friend
  1. Improve yourself
Improving yourself is definitely the necessary condition if you want a girl’s attitude to you to change. The thing is that if you don’t attract her the way you are today, then she won’t fall in love with you tomorrow or after a month. Your task is to emerge as a better version of yourself so she can see the new you. If you want to know how to be attractive, the first thing for you to do is to improve your outfit. It’s the quickest and the simplest way that provides the drastic changes for the better. Throw away your old clothes that don’t fit you. You may not take care of your style, wear only those clothes that you’re used to and that is convenient for you, and ultimately you’ll have to chase a girl whose attention you’d like to gain, which is the case with all the other simple guys. You’ll hear the phrase “Let’s remain friends” until you become a more or less style-minded man. So you’d better behave like a successful man and start wearing good and stylish clothing. Girls will pay attention to you and consider you appealing. The only thing left for you will be the question of choice between beautiful girls who’ll look forward to spending an evening with you. As far as other girls are concerned, you’ll be telling them “Let’s remain friends” as there merely will be no time for them. So if you want ladies to look at you in a different way, change your style and start wearing only fancy clothes. What’s more, you must try to become a more confident and more interesting man. If a girl feels your confidence and never gets bored by you, you are sure to succeed in seducing her. It should be especially noted that good sense of humor will also contribute to a good relationship. To girls, it’s quite an important criterion when they change a man to date. Try to be as laid-back as possible, it’ll help you talk without effort and make good jokes. Of course, ladies want their lover to be positive and energetic. Sluggish and pessimistic men don’t enjoy success with women for quite obvious reasons. At the same time, it’s important to be composed and earnest to prove your maturity. A girl wants a reliable man who can solve problems and take care of her. stop being just a friend It goes without saying that personal hygiene is an indispensable trait that each and every man must follow. The one who is always clean and neat shows that he has respect for himself; no normal woman will like untidy hair, jagged nails and a crumpled suit. It’s safe to say that after improving your looks, you’re certain to become a far more successful guy, because appearance is extremely important not only for men but also for women.  
  1. Give her what she doesn’t get from the other guys
Now that you’re looking far better than before, you can proceed to the next point. When you were her friend, she surely told you about a great many things in her life, but now you must be not that approachable than you used to be. You shouldn’t treat her like a goddess, and you shouldn’t try to constantly please her. Don’t devote all your time to her. The secret of how to meet girls consists in giving them moderate (!) amount of pleasant emotions. Don’t overdo it. Let her get these emotions but make her want some more – let her write you, call you, and look forward to having a date with you. If you succeeded in following the two previous points, that’s what will happen. Another good thing to do is applying the technique of changing the roles. Let her know that you’re not chasing her – it’s she who is chasing you. For example, tell her something like “Promise me you won’t hit on me when we have a date” or “Honey, don’t rush things, I want to get to know you.” After several dates of this kind, when she definitely wants something more, invite her to your house. There you two can drink some coffee, wine, listen to some pleasant music, or watch a film together. Then hug her and give her a tender kiss. stop being just a friend

Congratulations! You’ve just left the friend zone.  For this, you followed the three simple steps. First, you initiated to give flirting signs to other girls. Thus, you enhanced your self-esteem and your confidence (which is very important in making approaches to women) and made your ladylove long for your former advances. Secondly, you improved your looks and paid more attention to the important male qualities. And lastly, you started playing flirting games with your beloved, teasing her and making her want you more and more.

So, you’re no longer friend-zoned and are able to enjoy spending time with a girl you like. What’s more, now you know how to stop being just a friend and how to appeal to women. Just stick to the three tips on making a lady want you, and you’ll always be a success in women!