The Ten Worst Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Relationship with a Girl

Making approaches to a girl is sometimes not as easy as it might appear at first. You may flirt with her, write her manifold funny pick up lines, and yet not succeed in making her like you. Understanding women is of great importance in catching their fancy; it’s a necessary condition if you don’t want to ruin your relationship with a girl. Here are ten common mistakes that will prevent you from achieving success with women.                                         

ruin your relationship with a girlDon’t rush things

Planning ahead will do no good. When you haven’t even kissed your girl yet, but have already chosen the names for your children, it’ll definitely scare her away. You shouldn’t rush things; start planning something only when the time comes. Just enjoy spending time with your girl and do your best to make her take a fancy for you. Perhaps she doesn’t have any plans for the future so far, and you’ll scare her by saying what you two will be doing in three years. Your task is to appeal to her here and now so she can herself begin planning for the future.

Don’t admit that you love her when you’re drunk

Let’s suppose you’re at the club or at the bar, you’ve drunk quite a lot and want to call her up and say how much you adore her. It’ll be like: “Hello, honey, d’you know that I love you, I couldn’t live without you, oh I love you so much, I need you, baby!” Why call somebody while being drunk and talk nonsense? Perhaps, you’ll think it awesome, but she certainly won’t think so, especially if she’s sober. Thank God if she hasn’t answered your call or thought that you got the wrong number, because this is one of the worst mistakes – it’ll show her how much you need her. After that, she’s sure to lose her interest in you. On no account must you act that way, it’ll be a dreadful failure.

Don’t say “I love you”

Don’t expect that the words “I love you” will change everything. Plenty of lads wonder how to attract a girl, how to make a woman want you. Also, many guys are anxious to know the best way to say “I love you”. And the answer is… don’t say it at all. There are two reasons for that. First, it will change nothing. If a girl doesn’t like you, if she has no feelings for you, there’s no use telling her that you love her. It’ll only disappoint or annoy her. Anyway, it’s your eyes that will tell her about it, not words. Your actions and the way you behave and treat her will tell her more than any words. You’d better say “I love you” only when it’s been quite a long time since you have relationship, when you’re all but sure that you’re really love her and she loves you, too. If you say that too early, “in advance”, it will look as though you just didn’t know how to get a girl to like you and referred to the last resort. Secondly, this may erase the girl’s affection for you. You again rush things, she hasn’t fallen for you yet. Keep in mind that you can tell her “I love you” only when you’re sure that she herself already loves you, otherwise it would surely be a mistake.

ruin your relationship with a girlDon’t worry about girls

Stop worrying about girls – it is as if you were worrying about finding a million dollars but in small bills. Remember that there are a great number of beautiful women, and if you’ve lost some girl today, you’re certain to find another one tomorrow. What’s crucial is to take care not to repeat the same mistakes. If you have a lot of leisure, try to spend it profitably: of course, you have to work on yourself if you want to appeal to girls. Many young men wonder how to talk to women and how to flirt, but they don’t consider the fact that it’s confidence and inner strength that makes them attractive and enchanting. If you’re confident enough, you’ll know how to talk to girls without any flirting tips – you’ll find appropriate words yourself. You may use the best pick up lines ever, you may study all the books on picking up in the world, but it’ll be of no use if you’re not confident and brave – a girl will notice it at once. So instead of worrying about some failures, start applying efforts for not repeating them.

Don’t chase girls

Remember: you must never chase girls. If a girl feels no liking for you, there’s no good chasing her. Your actions are most likely to be practically futile, unless you start doing something entirely new – for example, working on your appearance, becoming a more interesting person, or showing your affection in some different way. If you’ve taken to some girl and you can’t get her attention, you’d better not chase her but start making approaches to other girls. In this case, a girl will miss your attention, and she herself will try to meet you in order to gain your interest and fondness.

Don’t be henpecked

It’s one thing being not a selfish and rude guy, but quite another to be henpecked. Remember that you must change for the better not for some girl but for yourself. Then you can emerge as a better version of yourself. Of course, it’s great if you enhance your male attractiveness, charisma, and confidence to become a more successful man, but it works only if you do it for yourself, not for her. Only in this case will you achieve success and start appealing to beautiful girls.

ruin your relationship with a girlDon’t take girls’ refusals personally

When a girl takes no notice of a man or refuse to have a date with him, he tends to take it personally. He often gets upset or annoyed and starts to worry about his looks, behavior, sense of humor, and so on, He thinks that there’s something wrong with him and begins to feel less confident. If some lady declines your suggestion to take her out, don’t take it personally as there may be a number of other reasons for it. A girl might refuse because she is in sulky moods, or she has quarreled with her parents or friends, or she is too busy, or anything else. In fact, it’s only 60 per cent of the result that depends on you. So don’t take it seriously when your ladylove refuses to have a date with you – it’s very likely that it’s not your fault. Certainly, you might have done something wrong – then you’ll work on yourself and won’t repeat your mistake. So don’t ever think that it’s only you who are to blame in this kind of situation. And remember: if two people fail to get on well, they are both guilty.

Don’t be obsessed by your failures

Girls are fond of positive guys, who aren’t prone to thinking for hours upon their mistakes. If you spend much time in reflecting upon your mistakes and failures in the past, then your level of confidence decreases, which naturally leads to a bad result. First, you waste a lot of time on this; instead, start to think about how to improve yourself and become a more successful man. Thinking positively is surely of great importance for any guy. What’s more, you must not only begin to think about your self-improvement, but come to act accordingly. If you’re constantly recalling your lost chances and the cases when you failed, the situation won’t change for better – it’ll only damage your belief in yourself. You’d better make it a rule to focus on something pleasant and positive – for instance, when you kissed some beautiful girl, when you had a great date, when you had great sex, or something of that kind. This will increase your confidence and make you feel successful and attracting.

Don’t expect that girls will take you as you are

It goes without saying that women like successful men, who aim at perfecting themselves. And it’s quite understandable – relationship with a lazybones, who doesn’t care for himself, is unlikely to be good. If a fellow can’t look after himself, he won’t be able to look after his beloved either. So it’s essential to always develop yourself. Take care of your body, your clothes, your outlook; try to become more interesting and imposing, then ladies are certain to fancy you.

ruin your relationship with a girlDon’t quarrel with your friends because of a girl

This mistake doesn’t belong to those with girls but is also to be avoided. Remember that no girl is worth quarreling with your friends. As a rule, relationship with a girl lasts only for some time, which is not the case with friendship. You might break up with a girl at any moment, and that’s not for sure that you’ll be able to make it up with the friend you quarreled with.
  • Now you know the most typical mistakes that usually prevent a guy from appealing to a girl. Take care not to repeat them, and you’re bound to attain success with women!