Cheesy Pick up Lines: How to Get a Girlfriend to Want You

What can you write to a girl to catch her fancy? Sometimes it’s difficult to think up something that will have a really enchanting effect. It’s true that all girls are different, but it’s also true there’s something they have in common: the women’s nature is created in such a way that it’s the bold, confident and independent ones who they are fond of. So don’t try to fascinate her with innumerable lines about how adorable she is and how you worship her. That doesn’t mean you have to abuse her and treat her like dirt – it means you mustn’t show her that she’s something indispensable to you, even if you seem to feel that way. On the contrary – your pick up lines must expose all your power and independence, show that you’re a self-sufficient guy and that you enjoy success without her as well.

pick up lines

What’s more, it’s important to be interesting and amusing. Of course, girls don’t like tedious downers – what they appreciate in men is their sense of humor. If you entertain her, if you always keep her amused, she’s certain to take to you. Really good pick up lines usually contain something funny or interesting, something that will intrigue her or make her feel amused and excited. You need to demonstrate your wit, to show her that you’re the one she’ll always have a good time with.

If you’re still wondering how to flirt on text, here are five good pick up lines to say to a girl and gain her attention.  
  1. This is a message by which you can replace the standard “Hello, how do you do?” Girls are known to look upon these lines as extremely hackneyed and trivial – and they’re right. You’d better to write the following lines: “What are you busy with? Well, apart from thinking about me and drawing hearts on a sheet of paper?” On receiving this, her first thought will be like “What the hell does he think he is? I have to answer him and put him in his place.”
But the thing is, it’s she who is put in the position as though she can’t get you out of her mind because she’s fallen in love with you. She’ll be writing that she’s not, that you’re so full of yourself, but you’re sure to catch her with this message and show her your firm confidence. 2. The next lines will be appropriate after your making acquaintance with her or after a date. Just write: “You’ve kind of amazed me today… And it’s not that easy to impress me. Keep it up.” This message is great for two reasons. First, it’ll reveal that the girl’s appealed to you, and not like “I’m head over ears in love with you”, but in a way that you’re yourself surprised at this. Secondly, it shows that you’re aware of your worth, and it’s not so easy to impress you, so she’ll have to apply efforts to repeat it. It makes a girl try to do it again – and that’s exactly what you need. pick up lines 3.When you like her behavior, praise her – she’ll be trying to carry on with pleasing you; when you don’t, scold her. The next message is an answer to something unpleasant. For example, you hinted at a date, and she refused, or she just wrote something that you didn’t like. Then you can answer her: “Well… I may as well deduct a couple of marks from you!” She’ll immediately start asking you: “What marks??? How many marks do I have? What do you actually mean by that?” With the help of this message, you’ll clearly show her that YOU evaluate her, rather than the reverse. Then it’s she who must get marks, not you. In addition, you let her know what behavior you dislike, and she’ll try not to repeat her mistake. And what’s more, you show her that you don’t get upset about trifles – it’ll get her to understand that you’re not like the others. While her other admirers are prone to be feel blue if something goes wrong in their relationship, you’ll make an impression of a composed and independent man, who don’t attach too much importance to your dating. She’ll come to look upon you as a true tough guy, and all attractive women do adore these ones. 4. This message is great for the situations when you can never meet some girl, that is, she’s constantly refusing having a date with you, for example, by saying that she’s busy or something of that kind. Just write to her: “You know, there’s a girl I can never meet… She’s a little strange, but there’s something about her.” You kind of speak to her in the third person. Meanwhile, you don’t get upset about the whole thing but exercise your sense of humor instead. This approach is definitely right; the girl will appreciate your attitude to the situation and change your mind. As a result, you will finally have a date with her. pick up lines
  1. So, after the previous lines, she’s sure to look forward to having a date with you. Now that you’ve made a date, you can write the following message: “Promise me you won’t hit on me when we have a date!” Usually, a girl expects a man to hit on her, not the other way around. But you alternate the roles with her and allegedly prevent her from hitting on you. Remember: as soon as you forbid a girl to do something, she’ll immediately want to do it and think about how she can get it. That’s the women’s nature.
It will add some impertinence and confidence to you; in her eyes you’ll emerge as a guy who attractive girls always hit on rather than a lonely boy in constant need of ladies’ attention. Before you write these messages to a girl, consider some important points. First, it’s necessary for her to have good sense of humor. If not, these lines won’t work well or won’t work at all. The tips are really useful – they have been tested with quite a number of girls, but keep in mind that there’s possibility that they won’t be a success as far as your ladylove is concerned. You must take into account her own characteristic traits: in case she doesn’t have any sense of humor, or if you’re certain that she has a dislike for men who make advances in such a way, then naturally you’d better try something else. Secondly, your relations have to be already good. She must have some liking for you; if you don’t appeal to her at all, the probability of achieving success with the help of these lines is rather low. If she really has not the faintest desire to communicate with you, there’s certainly no guarantee that these flirting tips will work. These messages are not a lifeline. It’s true that they definitely present certain help in making a girl take a fancy for you, but don’t expect miracles if a girl has a real dislike for you for some reason. If so, you may as well try to use these tricks with some other girl to enhance your chances. pick up lines Thirdly, try to somehow change these messages as if they had been invented by you so they may sound naturally. If they look as though you had taken them from a textbook, then a lady won’t be impressed – she may understand that you use some ready-made messages, and this will totally spoil the effect. Besides, writing some crazy pick up lines, consider the situation and her possible mood. If you know that there’s something that she must be oppressed with, then maybe it’s not the best time to send her some funny messages. They might irritate her, and she’ll get angry with you, and this of course is not your goal. On the other hand, sometimes it may be of some use, because it’s known that there are cases when these feelings arouse a certain passion. But take care not to overdo it, otherwise you may enrage her, and she won’t have a desire to speak to you anymore. Anyway, don’t forget that women tend to be fond of bold and strong men rather than of sentimental and boring boys. If she’ll see such a man in you, then you’re most likely to take her fancy. Be sure to make use of your sense of humor – it’s perhaps the main thing. Try to be as amusing and entertaining as can be, then she can never get bored by you. And remember to give her compliments and write something pleasant from time to time. Of course, you can’t appeal to her if all you do is making jokes, writing something witty, and making yourself a tough one. Mix it with a moderate amount of lines about your liking for her to stir up her interest and excitement.

That’s all. Now you can start communicating with a girl you fancy and be confident in yourself. Make love and have success!