TOP 8 Irreversible Mistakes in Relationships with Women

irreversible mistakes
irreversible mistakesMen sometimes tend to act stupid and make irreversible mistakes, but most of their mistakes don’t lead to break-ups. Only serious mistakes are able to ruin almost any relationship, especially if they are done in the first stages. Avoiding serious mistakes will not only help with your present relationship, but will also benefit your life in the future. If you are currently searching for a woman for yourself, then it is time to learn the things you need to exclude and learn about. Most of these points are simply recommendations, but they work in most cases. Learn today how to talk to girls and you will forget what it is like to be unpopular with the opposite sex. Put in practice everything you learn and notice how your situation changes. So, make sure to read every point carefully and note the things you have to change about yourself. This doesn’t mean that you have to change yourself completely. These are just small adjustments that will make you feel much more confident. Give yourself a chance to achieve happiness with a girl that you really like. Your situation will drastically improve, if you incorporate useful habits into your behavior. You don’t have to know right away how to flirt and all this stuff, because you won’t get the opportunity to apply your knowledge unless you pick her interest. Work on the initial impression and then proceed with the next steps. irreversible mistakesHere is the list of points you need to get right in order to create a successful relationship:
  1. Start listening to her. This is really simple and you don’t need to do anything supernatural. When she speaks to you even about things you don’t really care about, you’d have to respect her and try to listen. This is definitely what you have to do in the beginning of your relationship. Later your partner will understand better the things you are interested in and conversations will become more productive. Try to read into the body language of women and see how they react to different words and phrases. Paying attention to what she has to say is part of the game and the learning process. This thing comes naturally, unless you are not really interested in her. What’s the point of dating her, if you don’t want to be there?
  2. Don’t be too jealous. A little bit is ok. It is also not good when she dresses up in a mini skirt and goes out with her colleagues or friends and you act like you don’t care. Try mentioning that she looks really attractive and try to joke a little bit. Say something like: “You look great, make sure to talk only to handsome guys!” This will show her that you care about her looks and there’s healthy amount of jealousy inside your relationship. Among the best flirting tips you will find the ones that suggest that a good sense of humor is the most successful solution in many situations. Jealousy can ruin any kind of relationship once your partner gets tired of your false assumptions. Don’t just grab her phone and search through messages and calls. This is not something a gentleman would do. Jealousy also shows a lack of confidence and this is something that can’t be overlooked. Pull yourself together and start viewing the situation in a different light. irreversible mistakes
  3. Don’t incorporate her traits into your own behavior. You don’t have to mirror one another completely. She is a woman after all and she is the one that has to make herself look beautiful in front of the mirror. That’s not something you need to be doing, especially when you are only dating her. Stay true to yourself unless you want to know how to make a man want you instead. Leave all the things that she does only to herself.
  4. Narcissism. It is completely unacceptable when you are searching for any mirrors in a desire to make another selfie while you are on a date! It is a big mistake when you do it alone. Your girlfriend won’t like that for sure. When you ask your girlfriend something along the lines of: “How do I look today, honey?” she will get completely irritated at you. You don’t have to be focused on yourself only. Share your attention and you’ll see a positive response from her.
  5. The terrible condition of your underwear. Women just can’t stand it when they see their men in old and torn underwear that had to be thrown away years ago. It is not so difficult getting new pair of undies that she will find looking cute or manly on you. Women spend hours in preparation for a single date and when they see the nightmarish condition of your underwear, they will most likely run away and never come back to you. Even the best pick up lines ever won’t get you out of this situation. This would be a total failure and you may not even realize this as you ask yourself “why can’t we get together?” This issue really doesn’t require a lot of time if you need it to be fixed. irreversible mistakes
  6. Take care of your personal hygiene. Basically, the first rule of how to attract a girl tells us that you can’t go sweaty and dirty on your first date. If you frequently go to the gym, live in a big city or have any issues with intense perspiration then you should remember to follow the basic rules of personal hygiene. Wear a perfume, make sure that you are clean and good smelling at all times. The smell of perspiration won’t make you look manlier in today’s day and age. Women are always paying attention to these aspect and they usually require the same from the opposite sex. Being neat doesn’t require much effort. A shower solves most of your problems in an instant. Don’t forget about a comb and a toothbrush. Most women can sense any type of aromas really well, so you won’t be able to hide behind a perfume. There’s some soap action required.
  7. There is a narrow path you have to navigate and your 7th mistake would be to take too much care of your body and look. Don’t try to be too neat and tidy, because when your female partner comes in a visit, she will notice all the bottles, substances and devices that you use to look perfect. This aspect may seriously scare her. By understanding women’s desires and feelings you will get a better grip on the situation. She may not have as many cosmetic solutions back at her own apartment. Not only that, but you will also lose precious time. While you could go out on a date you will stuck in your room trying to apply another layer of cream for skin hydration or plucking your eyebrows.
  8. Don’t treat her the same way you treat your best pals. All those funny phrases, loud laughter and talks about soccer and baseball have to leave your vocabulary once you star dating a girl. IF you want to have this kind of fun then just go and meet with your friends and let your partner spend time with hers. Every woman wants to feel loved and you will have to be attentive with her. If you are not ready to do this for her then maybe she’s not the one you need. You have to be able to separate your friends from your love interest. Actually after a while she may become your best friend, but there still has to be room for romantic talk, gifts and special atmosphere.
irreversible mistakesNow go and do your best! There are plenty more aspects you have to take into consideration, but they have to come naturally from your own observations. Sometimes you will have to break your old habits and incorporate fresh things into your thinking. Mistakes are a part of our life and everybody has the chance to learn from them. After a while you won’t need any pieces of advice because you will know precisely what to do. You will know how to make a girl like you without having to look into articles. In order to be popular with women you don’t have to be a millionaire, a celebrity, have an expensive car or be a bodybuilder. You simply have to get rid of the typical male mistakes that are made by most and you will already become more attractive for beautiful women. And if you start doing things the right way then you will notice how women will start showing initiative. This works great if you forget about your old habits and add some positive ones. Become a better version of yourself while maintaining your core personality. Try to understand how to talk to women and they will repay you. Doing the first step is not always easy, but if you have built your confidence through careful preparation, then your homework won’t be in vain.