How to flirt with a guy


How to flirt with a guy? It’s simple, plain flirting can leave the wrong impression of a woman. Her desire to get acquainted can be mistaken for a subtle hint that would a lady of easy virtue. Proper flirting allows a woman win the attention of a man she likes, not allowing him to think anything wrong about her.

First you need to understand what flirting is and why it is needed? This word is understood as a conversation, accompanied by conditioned signs and gestures, which makes it clear to the interlocutor about the emerging sympathy and desire to get to know each other closer. This is a special kind of art that every person has, regardless of gender – a man or a woman. The most important thing in this art of dating is to flirt correctly, without going beyond the bounds of decency. Sometimes it is hard to understand how to get a boyfriend, but in reality it isn’t all that difficult.

The ability to competently use this art allows a woman to master the man’s mind and guide him in the direction that the woman will find more profitable. Flirting is needed not only to build personal relationships, but it is always useful in everyday life, because thanks to flirting any woman can look more charming, attractive and pleasant in the eyes of the society.


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Remember that flirting is a game, so be prepared for a loss. After all, even if it is right to flirt with a man, this may not bring the expected results. Nevertheless, few of the men remain completely indifferent to the woman who mastered the art of flirting. Remember how the heroine of the movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” could stop men with one glance? We are not geishas, and we are far from such a virtuoso way of flirting, but we need to begin with this.

So, it is your eyes. They are responsible for establishing contact. From the way a woman looks at a man depends the future of their relationship (or its absence). The look must attract, no matter what exactly it will be: languid, playful, dreamy or confident. To make your look more expressive, try to say to yourself what you would like to say to him out loud: “I like you”, “I want you to come to me”, “It was about you that I dreamed all my life.” Practice in front of the mirror and find your image in the art of visual communication.

The smile. This is the second thing that you have to get right and that you need to rehearse. A smiling woman always evokes sympathy from men. A smile, like a look, has to be attractive. Just don’t smile by showing how many teeth you have. In the art of flirting, it is important to master not only the ability to smile beautifully, but also the ability to smile at the right moment. A smile can be shy, playful, forgivable, sarcastic ... But it must be sincere. Can you smile like that? If so, then the success of your love game is almost assured. You know that attractive men will get in lines for the possibility to talk to you.

The body language. In psychology, there is the concept of body language. It is subconscious movements that give out the true intentions and mood of the interlocutor. We perceive these signs on a subconscious level. Therefore, if you want a man to understand without using words that he is not indifferent to you, then remember a few movements that better than any words will help him understand everything properly:


You can fix your wristwatch or play with the bracelet, slightly pulling up the sleeve. But all these movements must be done as if they are done naturally.


Well, there’s no need to teach you what to do.


This again applies, first of all, to all of the hairstyles. Usually women, wanting to please men, slightly throw their head back, shaking their hair. At the subconscious level, this looks quite natural, but how do you manage to do it consciously? Practice this in front of the mirror.


Yes, the woman also demonstrates her sexual interest unconsciously. She can lick her lips, dangle her shoe on the tip of her foot, stroking the wine glass. Consider these signs as well.

Touches. It’s about women touching men. Oh, how much can say such an accidental touch! Here you are as if accidentally touched his hand, that’s wiped an invisible speck of dust from his shoulder, that’s corrected the tie or buttoned the collar ... There is a contact! A man not only feels, but already understands your interest. All touches should be light, almost imperceptible.

Words. Ladies don’t have to sit silent, but being too talkative is also not very good. The best words for keeping his interest are compliments. Find an opportunity to tell him how courageous or strong he is, how clever and noble he is. Even if it’s outright flattery, the man will take it. Just do not confuse frank flattery with rudeness – do not praise those qualities that he does not possess. Tell these compliments effortlessly!

In general, effortlessness is the main condition of the game. Try to look natural: a flip of eyelashes, a little smile, a passionate look, a casual touch, a compliment and he is almost at your feet! Yes, yes, this is the whole power of charm and the meaning behind flirting. Just do it right and don’t make obvious mistakes, otherwise you will find yourself in the position of a loser.


When flirting with a man, the woman must necessarily pay attention to what she says. You cannot allow vulgar behavior or else he may think that you are easily accessible. The key to learning how to flirt is in keeping control of your own emotions. You also need to learn the correct rules that involve gestures and touches. During the conversation, you can lightly touch the man’s hand, but the touch should not be long, just a few seconds. A light touch will become a signal of sympathy. Smiling, looking into his eyes are an integral part of any flirting process. You can also touch your hair, but also not for too long.

Touching your hair for too long is not very good. If there is an opportunity to go to the restroom, you have to use it. Your movements should be smooth and graceful. You can also throw a quick glance at your partner over your shoulder. It is never too late to flirt, but the most important thing is not to forget about femininity and charm.


So, in order to start flirting properly it is necessary to learn two basic things:



In order to start flirting with ease, you need to be confident in yourself. To do this, you need:




Complexes always interfere with enjoyment. Each person, even the most perfect type, has its own internal complexes that prevent him from relaxing, opening himself and loving himself just the way he is. This battle with complexes can be won through auto-suggestion and attention from men. Therefore, through flirting, a woman raises her self-confidence, and thereby improves her skills.

After the complexes cease to disturb her fragile consciousness, the woman will feel desired, attractive and beautiful. Then you need to think about yourself as a fragile and charming woman and then this will cause interest in the opposite sex. After you have worked on yourself by breaking the barriers, you can start flirting with men.

In the technique of flirting there are several basic rules. The first is to tease a man. The man has to see your desire to be with him which can be shown through frequent glances in his direction, a smile and even biting of the lower lip. However, as soon as the man approaches, it is necessary to behave as if nothing had happened, as if the young man is the initiator of the acquaintance.

Flirt is also a small provocation. A girl can flirt with a guy so that he doesn’t fully understand that she wants to get to know him better. It can be a fast glance or a quick smile. This behavior will lead a man into confusion, and as a result, as practice shows, the man still decides to get acquainted with this mysterious stranger. You don’t need a lot to understand exactly how to be attractive for men. The key is to feel confident at all times.

For those women, who don’t want to wait for the man’s first step and would like to get acquainted, it is necessary to develop a certain strategy. The fact that a woman takes the first step speaks volumes, mainly, it is a sign of ease and a desire to acquire a long-term acquaintance. Well, at least, that’s what most of the men think. Therefore, a woman should learn to distinguish flirt from something else. That is, when meeting all the passion has to turn into modesty, so that he doesn’t have the desire to use her.

When flirting with a man, the woman should exclude all sad and painful topics for communication and no deep conversations. This conversation with a man should leave a taste of pleasure and fun. You can joke, but it’s better if jokes come from a man. The most important thing is to be able to listen, laugh at jokes and funny stories, smile and flirt with your eyes. If you want to know how to get a man then you have to put some effort into your own image.

Many women don’t have a clue about eye flirting. One look can replace a thousand words, so when a woman looks at the object of her desire, she must imagine how she sees the continuation of acquaintance, there may be both pleasure and romance. The most important thing is not to say anything out loud, but to show this by using your own eyes. Thoughts and desires will necessarily affect the look and the man will certainly feel the female excitement.


You have to keep in mind that your goal is to be very attentive to the man’s reaction. Keeping control of both your words and actions is crucial if you desire to succeed. This lets you detect how the man responds to all this. Make sure that you represent the reason behind his positive emotions. His mood is entirely in your hands. Sometimes a man doesn’t feel like playing any games, trying to decipher what’s on your mind. This won’t be hard to understand and there will be nothing you could do. Just move on and try next time.

Don’t try too hard. If your goal is to unlock the secret of how to make a man want you then you will have to take it easy at first. If you are too desperate for attention you may look vulgar or stupid. These traits won’t do you any good and you will slaughter the situation for him and yourself. Be a little cold and don’t show too many emotions. There is no need to laugh at every joke, but a chuckle could be enough. Don’t be too persistent because this may have an opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve. Be a little bit mysterious, if you want to pick his interest.

Stay true to yourself. Don’t try to adjust to his style. Men are usually attracted by women with characteristic features, such as charm, femininity and gentleness. There is no need to discuss soccer or hockey, or put on a t-shirt just to impress him and match his preferences. Emphasize your own style and appearance. By the way, a perfect style and neat look are a complete necessity for triumphant flirting.


There are things you can do pick the attention of your second half. Try leaving him a note that he won’t be able to miss. It should have really naughty things written on it. Now picture your husband’s reaction in this situation. Possibly you will be able to pick his interest. But what exactly will he think?

What if your beloved one opened his driver’s license and noticed a piece of paper with suggestive things written all over. What is more interesting is that it was signed with your name. This kind of a note would surely cause a reaction and he would certainly try to remember who this girl is. He won’t even think of you in the first place. Maybe there is a lady with the same name who is really passionate about meeting him and doing all kinds of naughty things. This could all be very problematic for his family relationships and you would be able to see his reaction later. There will be tension on that evening, but you won’t be able to flirt with him under these circumstances.

Let’s take another situation. What man wouldn’t like to see a beautiful woman entering his bedroom? A sexy outfit adds a lot to the woman’s sex appeal. Although, if you are very beautiful then any type of clothing will fit you just as well.

You have to understand what you can do for your husband. Maybe it would be actually a bad idea to appear in front of him dressed as a seductive nymph. This could cause a totally opposite reaction, which would result in him laughing out loud.

Here’s the next situation. You will tease him on a totally different level. You get a reservation in an expensive place. You have a great evening and, of course, you pay the bills. This is not such a great idea, because many families have one common savings. He won’t be pleased to find out that you are spending money you have saved for your kid’s college. Don’t try spending too much money, when your budget is already limited. This may be a good idea if only you know how to get the guy to show signs of passion.

The manual may also offer you the advice of trying to have sex with your husband in unusual places, such is the elevator, cinema or on the roof of a building. This is all great, but is only needed for those who have a life that’s not filled with much excitement. You would want to try this if you feel like obstacles bring something absolutely necessary in your life.

There are no pieces of advice that could help you in any situation, especially when it comes to love affairs. Only you can tell for sure what your husband likes or dislikes. Flirting with his is a natural process and it is up to you to choose how to do it.

The standard flirting tricks have not evolved much since the last century and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Every man will understand you’re the things you want to evoke. There will be many men, who will try to uncover your secrets. Flirting is an art, but it comes naturally. There is nothing complicated here. Attract him with your eyelashes, keep smiling, look at him passionately, casually touch and compliment him. He won’t be able to resist you!


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Most ladies feel confident when it comes to flirting. But why are some women so popular with men, while others, quite good-looking and attractive, are still alone? The point is that flirting possesses its own set of laws, which are based on the unromantic rules of psychology. If you don’t have any basic concept on this, then you may search for your beautiful prince until you get old, says psychologist Maria Sozonova.

Let’s assume you saw the man of your dreams at a celebration or at a club. What would be the reaction of every fifth woman? Will she make the first move? After all, there is an opinion in our country that the man is so timid and shy that he is afraid to approach a woman. What will the conversation with this man start with every tenth woman? Probably you will talk about society, paintings or reading. What would be the reaction of an average man? HE would run away as quickly as possible! Not because it is scary or dull. It is because men are primarily attracted to sexuality, and not intelligence.


Let’s assume you caught him looking. Do not rush to look away. Keep contact for a little longer than you should. Glance at him directly, then take a deep breath and look away. Look back at him as soon as you’ve seen him look away. The man clearly understands this “eye game” as a suggestion to get acquainted, but she seems hesitant to do this, therefore she “peeps” stealthily.

Your shoulder is a good way to try and hide your glance. You have to raise it just a little above average. The shoulder is associated with a woman’s breasts. This method is well known to advertisers, and often on posters you can see a beautiful stranger who looks exactly like that, which, according to studies, attracts most men.

It was demonstrated that an uncovered wrist also represents a very evident erotic symbol. A number of experts believe that the demonstration of the wrist shows trust in men, the desire to surrender to his power. If you are also caressing the leg of the glass or the neck of the bottle, then this is also understood to any man for a sexual sign.

The position is significant. You do want find out how to flirt with a guy to completely have control over his feelings. By sitting bent, you will not see a man coming up to you. A hunched back is unfortunately a sign of senile infirmity, even if such a pose is used by young girl while sitting. Therefore, sit straight; tilt your head back, throw your hair back (make yourself look pretty).

If you prefer wearing pants, place your thumbs on the strap or on the edge of your pocket. This is a movement which expresses aggression in a sexual context, though what else can a man expect from a woman in pants? If you are in a skirt, twist your legs or put them one on top of the other. This creates an image of muscle tension in the hip and says that the female is prepared for close adventures.

If after you’ve done all this, the man is still situated at the bar counter – do not lose any time on him, maybe he’s drunk, has a girlfriend or is simply not interested in the opposite sex.


So, after you begin a conversation, you have to raise his interest in your persona.

In order to accomplish this you have to turn into his mirror image. How is that possible? Yes, this is very simple. You have to duplicate his posture or movements. The essence of this is that the position of your body is as close as possible to his posture. If this is tricky for you at first, you can only adjust to the angle of his upper torso, his head, the position of the legs, hands. Adjusting the movements doesn’t mean that you need to turn your head to the right side at the same time as your partner. Scout for the most characteristic gesticulation and try to incorporate them into your own behavior. If he proves his point by placing his palm on the table, it makes sense to replicate this action. This is how you enforce the feeling of reciprocal understanding.

The second way is to adjust to the tempo of his breathing. In short, breathe in unity with him. If can’t seem to get that, you can replicate the tempo of his breathing through the movements of the hands. As soon as you adjust, express the key theme that you would like to convey to a man. For example: “They say that I’m sexy” – and make a pronounced exhalation. Ironically, but the man will also have a completely involuntary exhalation. The breath will be slightly delayed and there will be the effect of a frozen heart. And it occurs when a person internally agrees with what he heard. After such statements most would like to see if they are true.


What is next? If you wish for the gentleman to take care of you – invited you to a cafe or gave a bouquet of flowers, but he doesn’t think about this then you can inspire him the right decision. You have to attract his attention and it would be best to complement your words with an arm gesture while saying: “It’s so hot, it’s impossible to breathe! And in the café down the road it is cool and pleasant. We can have tea!” or simply ask:” Are we going to a cafe or going to a night club? “This subject is deceptive, because it creates an illusion of choice, but in reality both decisions suit you just fine. Or (if you want a second date): ”I’ll go for a walk tomorrow night. And do you have any plans? “You kind of asked the question, but actually already” prompted “the decision.

The theory of three “yes” answers works well. It consists in the fact that the interlocutor answered your three questions affirmatively and then on the fourth one he will reply “yes” involuntarily. For

Thank you!