How to Build a Happy Relationship with a Girl: 3 Rules

Many lads are eager to be aware of the best way to get a girl or just wish to find out how to get a girl to like you, but it’s not everyone who takes care of keeping a really happy relationship. You may know perfectly how to flirt with a girl with the help of various corny pick up lines; you may know the secrets of seducing numerous attracting women; yet, you’re at a loss when it comes to things such as serious relationship and especially living together. You might be surprised how many difficulties there may occur on initiating that. But the thing is that when dating a girl, there shouldn’t appear a multitude of problems. Of course, it’s okay to have a little quarrel from time to time, but if it becomes a usual thing, then you must definitely consider breaking up. happy relationshipA happy relationship can be attained easier than it may seem. Forget all that you knew about it – there are only three simple rules that really work. If you violate them, you are doomed to waste your time on the wrong people in your life. Many guys, looking for a girlfriend and finding her, face the immense problems in the serious relationship, but they usually prefer to stand still and are reluctant to change anything, so are girls. Maybe, it’s high time for you to reverse your perceptions about a relationship and start to derive pleasure from it?

So, if you want to know how to have a girlfriend and maintain a good relationship with her, remember the following rules.


happy relationship A relationship must begin easily

If you immediately found common ground and took to one another from the very beginning, it’s much better than gaining a girl for three years, worrying about refusals, and so on. Sex at first dates is also far much better than half a year of advances and hoping that soon she’ll be yours. Gaining a woman is a sheer nonsense, because your girl mush take you as you are, hackneyed as though it may sound. That certainly doesn’t mean that you can relax, cease to look after yourself, and do whatever you want – of course, not. The man must always remain the man in every sense of the word. The main thing for a woman is to find HER man. So, when mutual likeness emerges at once, it is undoubtedly better than when you’re trying to appeal to her for several months. Easy means good, hard means bad – it’s a simple rule, you don’t need to prove it. A girl who expresses interest for you at once is surely better than some beauty who needs an iPhone, a heroic deed, and a ticket to the Maldives. You don’t have to gain somebody, try to please somebody, or chase somebody. If she doesn’t like you now, she won’t like you later on – things will only worsen. So, if you don’t appeal to her, she may be merely not YOUR woman. Leave a complicated relationship for those who are bored and has a great deal of time. In order to have a better chance to catch women’s fancy, you need to care about your looks. Even if have not the ideal appearance, you can look stylish and charismatic if you take care of what you wear. If you look appealing, your relationship will begin simpler, as there will be more beautiful women who have liking for you. Throw away all your old clothes and acquire some stylish, fashionable garments so your outlook can have a stunning effect. Besides, it goes without saying that you must look after your hair and nails to always look clean and neat. Good looks testify to normal self-esteem.

happy relationshipA relationship must deliver pleasure and happiness

A relationship used to be founded on survival. In ancient times, a man and a woman found it very difficult to survive alone, and they created families. Then families were created on account of an old custom. What’s more, it was better for a man’s career to have a wife. A man without a woman was considered kind of defective. But things have drastically changed. Now a man and a woman are quite independent units. Currently some women earn even more than men. As concerns a man, now he cannot live without a woman as all the domestic duties can be done by a housekeeper. So, nowadays building a relationship makes sense only for the sake of pleasure. Of course, one shouldn’t also forget about founding a family and procreation – it’s a natural continuation of a happy relationship. A couple must “charge” one another – one partner gives pleasure to another and vice versa. The purpose of a relationship is to facilitate life of each other but not to complicate. That’s why, as soon as the relationship ceases to deliver pleasure and begins to cause chiefly negative emotions such as anger, annoyance, disappointment, jealousy, and so forth, you need to break up with your partner at once. Don’t get used to betrayal, quarrels, reproaches, and other unpleasant things. Remember that it’s not normal – it’s a definite way to unhappiness. Once your partner stops causing positive emotions and starts arousing negative, it’s about time to put an end to this. A relationship is needed for you to become happier, and not the other way around. Don’t listen to anyone who says that if you love a woman, you must put up with all the unpleasant things and problems that emerge when you are dating her or living with her. It’s very important not to be afraid to break up the relationship that is pernicious for you. A relationship is meant for creating, not destroying. And if you two destroy one another, or if she destroys you, then you certainly need to end it. Remember that there are a lot of other girls who can make you happy, and it’s not reasonable to be obsessed by a woman who is constantly bringing you down. If you want your life to become brighter, if you want it to change for the better, then don’t be afraid to make up your mind and look for another girl, because life is too short to waste it on the person who makes you unhappy. So if you see that your relationship prevents you from getting what you want and what you need, then you definitely have to think about looking for another girlfriend. We live to feel pleasure and joy, we live for being happy, and it’s crucial to find a girl who will contribute to it. If a relationship ceases to bring joy and pleasure, it means that either you and your girlfriend are not compatible or you don’t follow the next rule.

happy relationshipA relationship is a regular labor

Despite the previous rule, remember that a relationship is a constant labor. If you want it to bring pleasure and delight, you have to work on it on a regular basis. It concerns not only a relationship, but anything else. For example, you are fond of snowboarding and are anxious to learn to snowboard. Of course, it’s not so easy, and at first you will constantly fall. So it will not bring you much pleasure until you are able to do it properly. It may cause a good deal of pain, disappointment, and annoyance, but when you succeed in learning, you’ll be very pleased and delighted to be engaged in the activity you are fond of. But it works only when you make use of the skills you have. If you relax and don’t try to achieve success, you will not be able to do it right. Much of the same is true of a relationship. It can begin easily because you both have a liking for one another and you are compatible, but later on, there can appear difficulties because a relationship is a thing that you must always take care of. Everyone who has a relationship will agree that it is quite a hard labor that presupposes a good many tasks that you have to solve. “How do you avoid conflicts?” “How do you make each other happier?” “How do you find a way out of difficult situations?” happy relationship It you try to make your relationship better, you’ll deliver pleasure from it; if you don’t apply any efforts, don’t expect it to be pleasurable.  You have to experience some tolerance when living with a girl (or just dating her). Understanding women means a lot. If you and your girlfriend are really compatible, if she really makes you happy, then you are to make her happy too, or else this relationship won’t last long or won’t be as good as it should. Remember that the earlier you start to take care of your relationship the better. Otherwise, you may lose your beloved, and then you’ll have to start over looking for a good match.

Be happy and take care of yourselves and your beloved!