Best tinder pick up lines


While your friends are buying pathetic tulips, stuffed teddy bears and chocolate for their girlfriends on the 8th of March, are you sadly walking towards your computer to download another movie for adults? Is this all because you don’t have a girlfriend and you won’t get one in the foreseeable future? Don’t be sad! Good and cheesy pick up lines will help you succeed in any situation.

Let’s better study the phrases that will help you get acquainted with women, even on the internet, in order to change this situation.


If you think that in the mornings traveling by shuttle bus it is possible to quietly curse the destiny for waking you up this early, we hasten to please you: public transport is an excellent place to get acquainted with the girl you like with the help of a suitable phrase, for example:

  • “Miss, you made my morning (day, evening)”
  • “Every morning I ride in this tram, but I have not seen a beauty like you here”
  • “Miss, excuse me, have you dropped the money? No? Can I buy you a coffee then? What is your stop?”
  • “Now you will get out at the bus stop and I will miss the opportunity to meet the girl of my dreams! I will not allow such a Shakespearean tragedy – please, give me your phone number!”
  • “It’s not for nothing that I was told that today I will get acquainted with an amazing girl on the bus. Are you amazing? So, let’s get acquainted!”


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Phrases for dating a girl in a store, supermarket, on the market: a bag is not needed, give me love!

Here you find yourself at the grocery store in your pajamas and you meet the goddess of your erotic dreams. Stop, don’t panic! We have a set of really good pick up lines prepared for you.

We take a deep breath and spill out one of the prepared phrases for meeting with a girl:

  • “Are you by any chance from the Fargo TV Show? Do you know how they actually managed to make it good?”
  • “That’s it, this is destiny: all my life I dreamed of finding a girl who also likes green tea with soursop!”
  • “A girl this charming should not carry such a heavy basket to the cashier’s desk. Let me help you!”
  • “Miss, I liked you at first sight, so I will offer you top-secret information: around the corner they make the most delicious coffee in the city. Can I give you a treat? ”;
  • “Miss, first, to get acquainted, I wanted to knock you down with a cart, like in the best traditions of American romantic comedies, but then I thought - why these difficulties? I’m already very difficult! Would you like to check for yourself? ”


Phrases for dating a girl on the street, in a park, at a bus stop: “Give me five minutes, I’ll find out your name ...”

You can accidentally come across real love not only in specially designated places like at the wedding of your best friend, at the conquest of

Everest or the birthday of the younger sister, but, also, simply on the street. Try avoiding bad pick up lines for your own good!

Try to be witty and offer a girl a phrase such as:

  • “Miss, do you know that this bench is called the lovers bench? You cannot just sit here alone, you need a guy by your side, So, I’ll have to sit down and help you out ”;
  • “Girl, I’m looking for true love on this street. Have you seen it?”;
  • “I do not want to scare you, but knowledgeable people said that in this park single girls fall in love with guys who are passing by. Let me better walk you away from this sinful place”;
  • “Miss, you are brave enough to get acquainted like this on the street without preliminary texting, page viewing in social networks and phone calls! Maybe you are so brave that you could let me buy you a coffee? ”;
  • “Miss, I have read in a recent issue of Cosmopolitan that dating in the street is just the trend of the season. Let’s follow the trends! My name is Sergey. And what is yours? ”


10 phrases for dating a girl on the Internet: from the emojis to “they lived happily ever after” ...

Oh, this all-powerful Internet: cute videos with cats and husky, fresh series and books are just a drop in the sea of opportunities. And how about getting to know Miss Russia-2017 using the Internet? Ok, well, at least with Miss Vorkuta - 2000. It is true that cute pick up lines were always popular. And it does not matter whether it is on a dating site or just in a social network.

Use our phrases in order to get acquainted with the girls on the Internet or simply invent your own:

  • “I am ready to erect a monument to the inventor of the Internet, because, without him, I would never have seen a photo of such a charming girl as you”;
  • “Miss, I cannot help myself: the charm that comes from you is very efficient even through the Internet. Shall we get acquainted? ”
  • “You have no cats, recipes and ”vanilla “phrases on your social network page. Yes, you are my ideal! I cannot miss such a girl!”
  • “I dream to get into those 30% of the lucky ones who found their second half on the Internet. Will you help me with this?”;
  • “Let’s disgrace those skeptics who think that dating on the Internet is not serious”;
  • “From your page on the social network I learned that you are a great fan of vanilla coffee. But, unfortunately, the Internet is not yet able to convey the taste and flavor of this drink of the gods. Can I still treat you to a coffee in real? ”;
  • “Well, how can we consider social networks as a universal evil and devourers of time, if there are such beauties?”;
  • “Girl, you are the first one who forced me to violate the sacred life principle – never and on no account to get acquainted on the Internet. You are incredible!”;
  • “I don’t know what kind of Internet gods to thank for seeing your photo in social networks. And this is a spark, this is insane! ”;
  • “Oh no, I can’t see anything on the screen of the monitor. It is blinded by the beauty of your photo. I really want to see the original.”

In addition to the mixture of compliments and impudence, you can also start talking to the young lady based on mutual acquaintances, ask for an opinion about the resorts, coffee houses, bars and cafes in which she “checked in” – girls love it. Some of the best pick up lines ever may assist you in achieving your goals.

But it’s not so simple ... Typical mistakes for pickup beginners will be discussed below.


Unsuccessful phrases for acquaintance with girls: 5 “epic” mistakes, because of which you will definitely leave disappointed

Whatever brilliant phrase you would come up with for getting acquainted with a girl, you will not experience success if:

You immediately hint at pose No. 34 from “KamaSutra” or show too much familiarity and get too touchy.

Hey, man, relax! Every normal girl wants to feel like a princess, not a model of Playboy magazine. Keep your naughty lines too yourself for at least 3-4 meetings. Your cheesy pick up lines may scare her away, so make sure to follow the rules until you get to know her better.

You don’t keep eye contact with your partner.

Look at her eyes and not at her breasts.
I once had a strange date with a guy who, when talking to me, looked at the wall while I looked at him. Such a “constructive” dialog between the three of us;

Look like a bum who sleeps on the road, or vice versa - as the head of the local NGO “For the rights of gays”

Slim pants, sleek hairstyle and a ton of perfume which will be felt at a distance of 3 km;
The young ladies will appreciate the ordinary clean, patted T-shirt and classic jeans – we guarantee;

After one phrase for acquaintance, start up the second, third and so on, until you lay out the whole arsenal, well, just to be sure.

Have some mercy and give her the opportunity to speak out and even leave if she doesn’t want to get acquainted. And what if her husband kickboxer is waiting around the corner with two charming kids?

You fall into despair, if after the first dating phrase, the girl doesn’t rush to you and throws herself over you with a cry: “Johnny, I’m all yours!”

What affects one young lady may not leave any impression for other ladies. And what if her favorite canary suddenly fell ill or she broke her nail? And here you are with your acquaintance. So do not take everything at your own expense and stay confident. Don’t try too hard to impress her with pick up line jokes if she just seems uninterested in your efforts.


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How to start a conversation with a girl who you liked?

Let’s consider 8 working methods + a selection of suitable phrases:


You certainly can beginner Don Juan. At least, so says the experience with Lisa and Sasha – my old friends.

Sasha is a typical IT-hippster, when you look at her you immediately recall the joke from the “Silicon Valley” series (a must see for all it-specialists!): “Please pretend that you saw a live woman at least once.”

So, when Alexander saw in McDonald’s not just a woman, but an incredibly cool web designer Lisa with a shaven temple, a pink bang and an expensive “Mac Book”, he realized for the first time in his life that the acquaintance has to happen.

The guy hastily sketched a note suggesting a meeting and silently handed it to the dumbfounded girl. Then he quickly retreated. Do you think Lisa threw out the note? Not at all! She instantly saw a close person in Sasha and was happy to found no grammar errors in his note. She wrote him on Viber.

Of course, while the guy invited Lisa to a date in “real”, it took a long three months, but the result, as they say, is obvious – a wedding with champagne and a puppet on the hood, and then – two daughters. And everyone is happy, especially.

Sasha’s parents, who did not even want to place their son in reliable hands. That wouldn’t be the best situation to try and get the girl while not everything is going according to your plan.

Therefore, dear man, when you don’t have the phrases for dating a girl, your throat dries out and you have shaky hands, think: what if this young lady is your incredible Lisa (well, or Tonya, Lora or Susan)? So, just do it!




1. Have you met me at ...? No. And why do you think then that we have known each other for a long time? .. And why then you throw at me such suggestive and passionate looks? .. Why then did you bother me without even looking? .. Perhaps you would want to give me your number?

2. Let me walk you home. At least with my look.

3. Do you, by any chance, have my book? .. No? Yes, I gave it to someone to read, and who ... I only remember that it was somebody really cute!

4. Excuse me, can I get in your evening schedule?

5. And what do you do for the rest of your life?

6. What is the Spanish peseta now? And the Portuguese escudo?

7. I am glad to serve a sweet young lady! Could I accompany you?

8. Excuse me, miss, do you have a light? … Actually, I do not smoke, but I must have somehow started to get to know you.

9. Be my beautiful lady, and I will be your knight. Who said that the knights don’t exist anymore? Knock on my head. Do you hear? The sound is as if you are knocking on an iron helmet.

10. Forgive me, it seems destiny. For the second time we have come across in such a huge city ... My name is Andrew. How would you react to the suggestion to spend time together by the lake with good champagne?

11. Your dress looks great on you, but it will look even better on the floor of my bedroom.

12. Come and read me about Pinocchio.

13. Your magic eyes drove me crazy, and if in the foreseeable future we won’t see each other, my heart will burst.

14. Hello! Did you recognize me? I did not recognize you right away.

15. Do you see that bright spot in the night sky? It’s a comet that flies right here at a speed of 35,000 kilometers per second. According to calculations, it will be here in an hour. So, do you want to have sex?

16. Hello! How are you? I was looking for you!

17. Hello! Let me call you Thekla, and you’ll call me Mr. Wet Pants! “

18. Are you Natasha, my contact?

19. Hello! And why didn’t you call me or text me? After all, you know how sad it is to realize that you are not needed anymore.

20. You are guilty and you are responsible for this! ..? .. In that you have such a fascinating look, which on a single man in his prime affects stronger than weapons of mass destruction.


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21. Kiss me if I’m wrong, but it seems your name is Isabella.

22. You are lost! Can I help you?

23. Hold on steady for at least a minute. I’m drawing you.

24. Do you know why a good frying pan is needed? The fact that you can lay it on the head of someone who is bothering you, and since you do not currently have this valuable cookware, I decided to find out what your name is, and ask for a telephone.

25. In my opinion, both you and I in this crowd are bored. Maybe we should go somewhere?

26. Do you know what love at first sight is, or do I have to go through it again?

27. Help me buy beer! I don’t know which one to choose.

28. Have you ever been to Paris or in Tahiti? Would you like to visit? I’m going to go there in ten years. I can take you with me.

29. Do you remember me? I met you in your dreams. However, then I was wearing a helmet and I was on a white horse.

30. Will you tell me?

31. Let’s go to the forest and I’ll show you the city.

32. Do you play the drums? .. Me too! Look how much we have in common, let’s get acquainted.

33. Will we talk, or will we continue to wink?

34. You remind me of my cousin. I also strongly wanted to fuck her, but I understand that this cannot be done.

35. Oh, and what kind of perfume do you have, and where can I buy it?

36. Are you not afraid that someone will meet you like this?

37. Oh, my God! I thought I was gay until I met you!

38. Do you mind if I hide from the scorching sun in the shadow of your slender figure?

39. How did it happen that such a beautiful girl like you doesn’t have a gentleman today?

40. Could you wake me up tomorrow morning with a call to my cell phone, because I’m afraid to sleep through.

41. Can you tell me where is the Nophelet?

42. You are not mistaken – I’m going straight to you.

43. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of a nice chat with a young man who likes you very much, while I see you off to the place you need.

44. Can you tell me which year is it?

45. I do not know who you are or what your name is, but I want to see you again.

46. Will you tell me which side of the cigarette can I smoke?

47. My dream is to be kiss by an angel...

48. Will you invite me to a restaurant?

49. Is my tie straight? I’m going to an important meeting and I want to look perfect.

50. You are simply lovely! I cannot pass by and not give you this compliment, and I simply don’t have enough time to get acquainted, because I’m very late. Maybe you will give me your phone number? I’ll call you, and we will do it according to all the rules.

51. May I celebrate the New Year with you?

52. Will you change my free time for your name and phone number?

53. May I have your name? I want to introduce it with my name.

54. Are you by any chance an English queen? You just have a royal gait!

55. Can I take a picture of you near the statue? Then the picture will be more alive.

56. You smiled so beautifully that I forgot where I was going.

57. Can I have your photo? I collect “Pokemon”.

58. You are so beautiful, do you need a bodyguard? .. I can shoot with two hands and hit the can from 20 steps ... From ten meters I hit the eye of a running cockroach ... I can knock down a helicopter with a chair if I throw it correctly ... I can catch a bullet in the air ... I have a black belt ... in chess. My name is Andrew, which means courageous ... Why are we talking only about me? ... Let’s talk about you. What is your name?

59. Can I kiss you on the lips? I want to overcome the complex of disgust!

60. Are you following me? I’ve seen you a couple of hundred times already, what do you want from me? I have seen you in my sleep for six months and I don’t know what to call you in my dream! Can you finally tell me your name? Then I can talk with you, even though it is a dream!

61. We can go to my place, pull the curtains, undress, we’ll go to bed, we’ll hide ourselves with a blanket and see what will come of it.

62. You probably spent half your life trying to look good and attract men ... And now, I fell for it!

63. Marry me, or I’ll change my mind.

64. I was told by a gypsy woman that today I will meet a beautiful woman in a red dress. Does this description remind you of anyone?

65. Horoscope promised me an acquaintance with the witch. Obviously, it has already taken place.

66. It seems to me that we are relatives. Let me take a look at the family mole on my chest.

67. Let’s play the scales! You will sit on my face, and I’ll guess your weight.

68. I wonder how much your content matches your forms.

69. Let’s bet on $100 that I will invite you to spend the night, and you will refuse.

70. Do I have a long way to Alabama? I want to visit my grandmother.

71. Good afternoon, I have a completely unconventional question for you. I am interested in how you would deny a young man who would come up to you and said: “Let’s get acquainted”?

A selection of hot pick up lines and phrases that cling are ideal for studying a girl on the Internet or in the street

Thank you!