How to Get a Girl to Like You: the 6 Best Pick up Lines Ever

Best Pick up Lines

Have you ever faced a problem of not knowing what to write to a girl you like? I bet you have – it’s quite a common case. Some hesitate to get into conversation with a girl because they think they’ll fail. The braver ones get a grip and start corresponding with their ladylove, but it’s true it’s not every lad who succeeds in impressing a girl with his best pick up lines.

Best Pick up Lines Remember that girls like brave and entertaining guys, who are not afraid of being the first to start a conversation and are capable of amusing (and amazing) his lady by various funny and slightly crazy things. It’s safe to say that sense of humor is sometimes of paramount importance: first, it demonstrates your wit and self-confidence; secondly, it makes your dates more catching – a lady is more likely to take a pleasure in having a date with you if you amuse her now and again. Another important point is to get her ready for a date. When she’s already excited and interested in you, there are most chances that the date will be a success. It’s like foreplay before having sex. And the best way to prepare her for your date is writing such messages that will make her yearn for you and look forward to spending time with you. So it’s no surprise that many young men wonder how to flirt on text and how to attract a girl that way. Messages that you send to your lady are best to be witty and a bit provocative to add some intrigue and pepper to your relationship. Here are six pick up lines that will definitely make her crazy about you.

Best Pick up Lines 1. If she doesn’t answer your call, don’t keep on calling her or write something like “Why aren’t you answering?” Just write: “Sweetie, you can’t imagine what you’ve just missed… Have a nice day! I’ll be busy all week long!” First, she’ll be intrigued and anxious to know what it is that she’s missed. After this message, if she hasn’t answer accidentally, she’ll be calling you up herself. Secondly, you don’t worry about her not answering – on the contrary, you make her think that it is she who missed a chance. It reveals that you’re aware of your worth and that you don’t get upset about trifles like many other guys. 2. This message belongs to those that you can write without any reason: “How do you do, my second favorite girl?” This is a sort of quite a provocative message that shows that you allegedly have the other girl that appeals to you more than she does. Moreover, if there’s really such a girl who is of more interest to you than the girl you’re writing to, you’re just bound to use this tip. Be sure to play this trick on that other girl as well! Remember: girls don’t like losers – they always chase after those guys who already enjoy success with women. Having sent her this message, you’ll drop a hint that she’s not the only one you like, but get ready that she’ll be asking you a great many questions and will conceive a passion for you. 3. This one you can write to her in case she calls you, but you don’t want to answer or you’re not able to. For example, you’ve got a date with another girl or you’re just busy with something else. Then write: “I’m busy. If something’s happened, call 911!” It may seem wrong not to answer when your ladylove is calling you up, but it’s not. Once you display that you’re not always available and you can have things more important than her, this will make a difference between you and other lads who are always ready to put aside anything for her sake. First, you have bright and busy life without her, and this kind of guys is always more attractive; secondly, you can be sometimes busy, which means she’ll have to fight for your attention; thirdly – you have fabulous sense of humor! Don’t overdo it, and don’t act that way when you’re waiting for an important call. But it makes sense to try it a couple of times. Best Pick up Lines

4. If you’re wondering how to flirt with a girl when it’s been long since you had a conversation with her, then the following lines will stand you in good stead. And it concerns not only this type of situation – these funny pick up lines can be sent when you want to have some fun and attract your girl’s attention at the same time. It’s sure to perplex her and stir up her interest. So, write her the following words: “Quick!!! Quick!!! Beer or wine??? Beer or wine???” On receiving such a message, your lass sure won’t understand what it means, she might even think “What the hell is that?!” But the majority of girls usually gets interested and answers it. If she writes: “Wine,” then ask: “Red or white?” If it’s “Beer”, ask “Miller or Heineken?” When she answers you, just write: “Thanks.” And that’s it, don’t write anything else. As a rule, after all that, the girl’s got more questions than answers, because your behavior is much different from that of other fellows. The experience showed that even those ladies who hadn’t been answering for several days tended to answer the message at once. What’s more, they didn’t just answer – they themselves began making calls and asked in an interested voice: “How do you do? What’s the matter? What do these questions mean?” So it really works well – you should definitely try it. By the way, after these lines you’ll get a great deal of attention of beautiful ladies, so get ready for the fact that the previous flirting tip will be of use for you!

Best Pick up Lines 5. If you don’t know how to impress a girl you soon have a date with, consider the next variant. After receiving the previous message, she’s certain to be eager to meet you. So, when you’ve already made a date, you can write to her: “Call me up if you can’t decide on what to wear today!” It works perfectly if you have a date that very evening. The matter of clothing is always immensely important to a girl – they may be wondering what to put on for hours. This message is first of all good for the reason that you remind her of your date. Thus, she won’t forget about it, and in case she’s not sure about whether to go or not, she won’t be able to say she’s forgotten. In addition, such a sign of attention will certainly help her realize that you’re definitely worth having a date with. This will mean that you’re so considerate and responsive that you perfectly understand her problems, even those that she hasn’t already told you about. You’re not an ordinary selfish man, and these problems are important to you, too. What’s more, you’re always ready to help her solve them. You’ll immediately stand out against the background of other guys who are writing to her. 6. Among the corniest pick up lines, some may be at first glance really shocking. If your girlfriend has excellent sense of humor, then you can write her the following two messages. At first, write the next lines: “Hello! Do me a little favor – write me a responding message, just ‘hello’ or something of the kind”. When she answers you, write her the following message: “You see, my friends don’t believe that blondes can cope with such a difficult task as to write a message. But we’ll prove they’re wrong!” “Blondes” can be replaced with “brunettes”, “red-haired girls”, “blue-eyed girls”, or anything else, depending on the girl you’re writing to. It’ll be a real bombshell. On the one hand, it’s witty sharp banter; on the other hand, you demonstrate your amazing sense of humor. You’ll produce an effect of a “bad guy”, who can communicate with her in a bold and cheeky way, unlike other softies, who are always anxious to please her with their soppy messages. Still, remember that these lines will work well only if she has great sense of humor and your relationship is quite close.

Now that you know what to write to a girl in order to impress her and become the only man she’ll dream of, you can start communicating with her in a funny and interesting way that she’s sure to appreciate. Don’t forget that ladies have a dislike for those guys who bore them, as well as for sweet weaklings that are constantly making themselves a nuisance by writing tedious and mawkish messages about how they adore them. Women are fond of independent, strong men who are able to amuse them and make their life more interesting and exciting. Writing these messages, you’ll prove that you’re exactly this sort of guy; any girl will take a peculiar delight in reading them and is sure to fall for you. Good luck!